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  • Hi Annika! Loved your comments about a Mt. Blanc hike. we are JUST now beginning to look into it – possible for September, 2017. Any more advice/websites on how to contact the “shuttle” option and book each night? That idea sounded awesome! 🙂 Thanks so much. Barb and Vern Brock

    • Thank you Barb! I highly recommend the TMB, it’s such a stunning hike. If you’re planning for September and self guided, I would recommend going on the first half of September to avoid any early snow that might occur at the high passes later in the season. The company that did the luggage transfer was just a taxi company, I don’t remember the name of it unfortunately :/ There are companies that arrange accommodations and the luggage transfers, which is a super easy option because booking accommodations on the route can be ..interesting 😀 Not every place has much of a website and you might have to call to make reservations.

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