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You know what’s fun? Exploring new cities, seeing what they have to offer, trying new restaurants and learning about the city. You know what’s also fun? Doing all those things in your own city! I’ve lived in Ottawa for almost four years now and I thought that I’ve seen what the city has to offer. It wasn’t until my friend was visiting that I realized that there are actually quite a few things left to see and do here.

Image of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier during a haunted walk Ottawa tourAs I was preparing for my friend’s visit I did some researching online (it was actually fun pretending to be a tourist in my own town) and came across The Haunted Walk Ottawa that organizes walking tours around the city in a few different locations. I had done an underground city tour in Edinburgh, Scotland and was immediately drawn to the idea of a haunted walk in Ottawa. However, I couldn’t help but think whether Ottawa really has a dark history – it’s not even that old of a city!

My Haunted Walk Ottawa experience

Only one way to find out, right? So there we were, ready to start our Original Haunted Walk Ottawa tour when the sun was setting. This turned out to be the perfect time for photographs as during the 1.5 hour walk we managed to capture the golden hour and the early dark moments. What a great lighting for photographs! Image of the Rideau Canal and Shaw Centre at sunset during the Haunted Walk Ottawa tour

Despite having lived here for several years, I can honestly say I had not heard any of the stories our guide told us. That meant that I had been walking on top of mass graves, passing a haunted high school and a restaurant with a creepy reputation. I had also been utterly clueless to the fact that the hotel that is probably one of the most expensive ones in the city is actually a source of many paranormal stories!

Image of a haunted walk Ottawa tour guide during guided tour

Walking along the Rideau Canal after the sun had set was an eerie experience, considering all the stories we heard. Even though we were right downtown Ottawa with traffic going by, the guide and her stories made us feel like we were the only people there and she held our attention all the way to the last story.

One of the things I liked most about this tour was that it wasn’t one of those tours where somebody jumps at you and tries to scare you. The guide was a very good story teller and not overly melodramatic – Every story was followed by an explanation of whose ghost it could be in each place and why. And you know what? These explanations made so much sense that it made the whole experience even creepier!

If you are visiting (or living in!) Ottawa, Toronto or Kingston I highly recommend you take a look at the city from a different perspective with Haunted Walk. I would love to do another Haunted Walk Ottawa tour (or elsewhere!) – I love ghost tours! Have you been on a haunted walking tour anywhere? I would love to hear recommendations!

**I was invited on this tour by Haunted Walk Ottawa, however, this story reflects my honest opinion of the experience. 

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You know what’s fun? Exploring new cities, seeing what they have to offer, trying new restaurants and learning about the city. You know what’s...
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