Life in the coldest capital on the planet


The coldest capital on the planet, huh? You may wonder if I have moved but nope, I’m still in Ottawa. Canada is cold (unless you live in Vancouver, I might bitterly add), let me just start with that. Last weekend Canada’s capital really did beat the usual #1 coldest capital; Mongolia’s Ulaanbataar when the temperature plummeted to -25. This may seem cold but it is actually quite often colder than that so this was not record breaking temperature at all. What made last weekend truly freezing was the wind. Strong wind with the temperature of -25..Now that is something you don’t want to experience, trust me.

Frozen pine needles

Frozen hay

I have lived almost my whole life in cold places but last weekend I experienced cold like never before. Of course when I took my puppy out first thing in the morning, I just assumed it was cold and dressed for the usual cold weather that we enjoy here a good 4 months of the year. It was not enough clothes! Then again, when the temperatures go below -18 it really doesn’t matter if it’s -18 or -28, there is only so much clothes you can wear anyway. After that morning I was pretty much deep frozen and covered myself with blankets for the rest of the day. Joys of life when you live in Ottawa I guess.


Frozen branch

There is something good in this winter too, although I have to remind myself of this almost on a daily basis. Winter is pretty. Everything looks beautiful covered in snow and ice, plus there is usually plenty of sunny days. In Finland I got used to the fact that winter = darkness until mid-February and have been very happy to enjoy bright and sunny days throughout the winter. So I try to keep this in mind when winter seems like it never ends.

Frozen kävyt

These photos were taken a few weeks back, I think it was beginning of January when we had yet another winter storm here, followed by freezing rain. That combination made Ottawa look like the set for Frozen -It was amazing (and very slippery, ouch)!

Despite the beautiful winter show Mother Nature puts on, I have to confess that I think winter is best enjoyed from inside with a hot cup of cocoa 😉

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The coldest capital on the planet, huh? You may wonder if I have moved but nope, I’m still in Ottawa. Canada is cold (unless...
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