This is why Scotland is an amazing country


When I first went to Scotland, I knew I was going there to stay. I had never visited there before or anywhere in the UK for that matter but there I was; 21 years old with a backpack and an acceptance letter to a university. When I finally arrived to the city of Edinburgh I didn’t know much about it but I quickly saw that I could love living in that city, and  for three years I did. The more of Scotland I saw the more I liked it.

It has now been one month shy of 7 years since I got first glimpses of Scottish landscapes and this country continues to hold a special place in my heart. I haven’t lived there in three years but I frequently find myself day dreaming about returning to the land of whiskey and sheep. Perhaps one day I will. Clearly Scotland has convinced me of its beauty and allure, but what about you?

In case you need some reassurance of why Scotland is an amazing destination, I wanted to share some photos from my Instagram feed and show you. First and foremost there is Edinburgh. A stunningly beautiful city with striking architecture and history that makes Canada look like a newborn. I think I have been forever spoiled for having lived here – This city is hard to compete with.


As it is part of the UK, for now at least, there are pubs and lots of them! Some more famous than others.


Many would argue that Scotland’s true beauty lies somewhere outside the cities. Having visited the Scottish Highlands many times at different times of the year I would have to agree. The Highlands are the place to go for true Scottish landscape, the rugged scenery Scotland is so well known for. And the best part? Even if it is rainy or misty, it only makes the landscape look better and, if possible, even more Scottish.




And then there is the reason why Scotland is really world famous for; the castles. Big, small, privately owned or open to the public, ruins or restored, the castles are what give Scotland its unique feel. And the castles go so well with the majestic landscapes. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time in a highland castle?



I mentioned whiskey earlier and that is yet another great reason to visit Scotland. After hiking in the highlands or touring castles on a rainy day a shot of whiskey is sure to warm you up. With a few guided distillery tours it is easy to become a whiskey connoisseur, although it may take some time to actually learn to appreciate the taste of whiskey.

This post is a part of the international Instagram Travel Thursday campaign hosted by lovely bloggers such as Satu of Destination Unknown. You can follow me on Instagram where I go by my childhood nickname Ankkuliini and there is a round up of participating bloggers on the organisers’ blogs – An excellent place to feed your travel bug!

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When I first went to Scotland, I knew I was going there to stay. I had never visited there before or anywhere in the...
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