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Let’s talk about Twitter for travel bloggers! As a travel blogger – or blogger in any other genre – you have to know how to use social media to your advantage. There is a huge amount of travel blogs out there competing for readers’ attention, and let’s face it; these days social media is so packed full of content that we might miss posts even from our favourite bloggers that we’d really want to see.

Therefore it makes sense to invest a little time and effort to make sure your existing (and new!) readers will see your content. One of the reasons I love Twitter is that you can keep posting the same tweet several times and most people will only see it once. You would never do this on Facebook but Twitter is SO fast paced that it’s even recommended to post your tweet more than once.

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Now of course you wouldn’t re-post your regular “loving this summer day” -tweet but when it’s a tweet that contains a link to your blog post, absolutely. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t only post your own content; remember to re-tweet other relevant posts and engage with your audience! Twitter is so much more than just a billboard for your latest blog posts.

Are you a travel blogger and don’t have a Twitter account yet, or maybe you’ve started one but are not quite sure what exactly is the point? Read on, I will tell you the reasons in this Twitter for travel bloggers-guide.

#1 Get your blog posts out there

As I mentioned earlier, Twitter if fantastic for sharing your blog posts. You can share them as soon as they’ve been created but you should keep re-posting them later. Top tip; don’t post just the text link because tweets with photos get WAY more likes and re-tweets (that further spread the word about your blog!). Also, it’s OK to advertise ‘new post on the blog’ but only when it’s actually NEW – So not cool to click through to read a ‘new blog post’ from 8 months ago. So do change the tweet if you used the ‘new post’ bait at first.



#2 Connect with your audience AND travel companies

By now you’ve heard this a thousand times; social media is about being social. So don’t use Twitter to shamelessly self promote! Yes, your blog is the most amazing source of travel inspiration there is and everyone should head over to your virtual home, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually connect with your readers, chat with other travel bloggers and show a cool travel brand that you like their content? Yes it would! Connecting with other Twitter users is putting your name out there just as much as tweeting your own content.

Yeah about that connecting part ….how do I do that? The best way to connect with other users is to follow other users, like and share their content. Found a fellow blogger who had a great article about your favourite city? Re-tweet! A travel brand posted a jaw drop gorgeous photo? Like + comment! A great way to get on top of your Twitter game is to participate in a Twitter chat – a fast paced discussion with questions on a themed topic. Super easy to connect with like minded people all in one place at the same time – Great boost to your follower number too!


#3 Get more followers

Social media for bloggers tends to be a numbers game, there’s just no way around that. Any travel brand worth their salt is going to check your social media channels once they receive your pitch and there is no denying that 1000 followers is more impressive than 10.  And even if you’re not looking to work together with travel brands, the more followers you have the more people your blog posts will reach – and that tends to be the goal for every blogger!

So how does one go about getting more followers? First off, don’t buy fake followers – just don’t do it. The quickest way to get followers is to simply follow other users and like their content. I recommend installing TweetDeck so that you can keep following specific hashtags or trending topics easily, see your notifications and your live feed all on the same screen.

Social media for travel bloggers

#4 Work smarter not harder

I mentioned already that tweets with pictures work better than text only – tweets. When you want to create attention grabbing visuals, Canva is your best friend! Don’t know Canva? It will make you a graphic designer even if you don’t have any artistic talent what so ever – with so many ready made and customizable templates you just cannot go wrong! Canva works on desktop and phones too.

Another cool tip for creating visuals for Twitter (or anywhere) is an iPhone app called Typorama. It’s great for creating text based images or overlays in particular with many awesome text options and suggestions. I actually use this mostly for Instagram, but I’ve created a few neat things for Twitter too.

So once you’ve got your eye catching images ready then all you’ll need to do is to keep rotating them on Twitter with a scheduling service or TweetDeck. I use Postplanner and it’s pretty handy as I can set a specific tweet to repeat every 10 days, or how often I want, and I don’t have to worry about that anymore as it will keep rotating until I change it. So essentially there is always content on my Twitter feed even if I haven’t actually posted anything in a while and it will keep bringing traffic to my blog on autopilot.

#5 Use plugins to make Twitter easier

My final tip to you fellow bloggers is to use some handy plugins in your blog. One of them is Click to Tweet that will allow you to embed a Twitter ready mention of your blog post that readers can tweet directly from your site. The tweet could look something like this:

Complete guide to Twitter for travel bloggers - Top tips revealed! #travelbloggers #socialmedia Click To Tweet

Another excellent plugin is Revive Old Post that will keep rotating your old posts on Twitter, but in a text only format. I prefer to have photos but that said I do still use this one as well.


And there you have it! These tips should make Twitter not only more fun but easier as well. What do you think, do you find these tips useful?  If you have any questions, do let me know!


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Let’s talk about Twitter for travel bloggers! As a travel blogger – or blogger in any other genre – you have to know how...
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