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Travelling in Canada as a vegan is generally not very difficult, but there are some cities that don’t exactly make it easy (I’m pointing at you, Quebec City!). Luckily there are also cities like Victoria in British Columbia where you can easily find several vegan restaurants without serious pre-planning. Long before I decided to visit British Columbia’s capital city I knew that it would be a treat for vegan travellers. It was actually one of the reasons that made me want to go there in the first place!

Of course I couldn’t resist checking out the restaurant selection beforehand and pick a few ‘must-eat’ places but I was happy to randomly find some gems as well. Victoria is not very large and it’s easy to walk around and explore. Like I mentioned in my previous post about Victoria, it’s a very pretty city and a delight to walk around in! In this post I wanted to highlight a few of my favourite vegan finds that anyone, vegan or not, should check out!

Many vegan restaurants tend to be a bit ‘hippy’ in most cities and Victoria was no exception. Green Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant was one of these laid back buffet style places and it had a really nice selection of different foods ranging from falafels to pizza and from french fries to soups and so on. They also had pretty yummy desserts! I had to get them as take away though, I was much too full after all the delicious food. Green Cuisine is really good for lunch although it is open until 8pm so one could go there for dinner as well. It’s inexpensive so anyone with big appetite should head this way!

For a more upscale dining experience and innovative menu choices I would recommend Be Love which is a mostly vegan restaurant with lots of healthy and raw options. It can get pretty crammed if all the tables are being used and I would make a dinner reservation just to be on the safe side. The artsy decorations create a nice ambiance and it’s  a good restaurant for special occasions or just for a bit nicer dinner in the city. The food was delicious! Like in many gourmet restaurants, the portion sizes are not very large but I found it was very good for lunch.


Last but not least a restaurant I cannot recommend highly enough. And this isn’t even a vegetarian or vegan place! This eatery ,which I must confess I visited more than once, is The Joint Pizza. I didn’t expect much at first, just based on the fact that they also serve meat but oh boy, was I wrong! They make scrumptious pizzas and are happy to switch the cheese to Daiya Cheese to make it vegan and make gluten free crust if required. A cozy and laid back place with booths to sit at, or you can also order take-out. I cannot express how happy I was to get vegan pizza that I didn’t have to make! That is not something you can get in Ottawa, so it was a very nice change. In a word, delicious. Whether you are a vegan or not you must go The Joint! Trust me on this one.

So I was not wrong at all thinking that Victoria is heaven for vegan travellers; there is definitely more vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafes and shops than in your average Canadian city. Do you know any other places, in Canada or elsewhere, that are very vegan friendly? San Francisco is surely one (or so I’ve heard anyway!) but there must be others too, right?

If you are looking for more vegan travel tips and recommendations I suggest you check out Anglo Italian blog by Dale & Franca who just recently finished with their first month as vegans while travelling in Europe and are currently continuing on the vegan road. For vegan adventures from Canadian perspective I recommend Justin and Lauren’s blog Justin Plus Lauren! Do you know any other vegan travel blogs? Tell me, I would love to follow more vegan adventurers!

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  1. Green Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant
    Restaurant in Capital Canada

    560 Johnson Street Market Square
    Capital Canada
    (250) 385-1809
  2. The Joint Pizza
    Restaurant in Capital Canada

    1219 Wharf St
    Capital Canada
    (250) 389-2226
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Travelling in Canada as a vegan is generally not very difficult, but there are some cities that don’t exactly make it easy (I’m pointing...
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