Hello there, so nice of you to stop by! This is my shiny new travel blog Live Laugh Explore, which I have been planning on launching for quite a while now. It has taken some serious planning, much needed tech help from my better half and a lot of brainstorming but now I am so happy it is finally live! I cannot wait to start writing and sharing my travel stories with you.

Live Laugh Explore is about living expat life in Ottawa and exploring the world as much as possible. I have spent most of my 20s travelling or living abroad and finding out that travel makes me happy –that’s why the ‘laugh’ in the title!

SJDL sunset
I just returned from Europe and I had a wonderful week trekking in the Alps on the Tour du Mont Blanc. On this 3 country trip I crossed off my 25th country; Switzerland – And what a beauty of a country that was! Earlier this year I explored the west coast of Canada and also took my first trip to Central America visiting Nicaragua and Costa Rica falling completely in love with this region.

I always have travel plans in the works; it actually makes me anxious if I don’t know where I’m going next. You can have a look at some of my dream trips on my Travel Wish List and I will be sure to tell you all about my new travel plans in more detail once they become a little more solid.


As this site is very new, there will be some changes in the look once I have written more posts. So if it seems a little bare now, I can assure you there will be more content coming very soon! I will update the ‘Destinations’ section on the top bar as I write about more countries I’ve visited and under the ‘Canada’ section I will be gathering posts about Ottawa and travelling in Canada in general. Under ‘Reviews’ you will find some hotel and product reviews, first hotel review is on its way! I hope you’ll enjoy the site and feel free to leave comments too!

In case you are wondering who is behind this blog, check out the About me-section for more details. You can also follow me and my travels on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and now on Bloglovin’ too.

Thanks so much for visiting my site and do come again!


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Hello there, so nice of you to stop by! This is my shiny new travel blog Live Laugh Explore, which I have been planning...
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